Equity Crowdfunding Campaign

Nazkan Inc. Equity Crowdfunding Campaign

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Nazkan Inc. is an Early Startup Company in Trinidad and Tobago, founded by myself, Ijah Jonah, and launched in 2023. Our Company contains 3 Sub-Organizations; Nazkan.com, NazkanEats.com, and NazkanListings.com.

We are offering to you – the local public; 20% equity ownership of Nazkan Inc. i.e. We have made 20,000 early shares (20%) of Nazkan Inc. available for purchase.

At present, we are valuing Nazkan’s early-stage undiluteable stock to be worth $50.00 TTD per share.

Our purpose for offering this equity ownership opportunity to you the local public; is so that we ALL can prosper from the future wealth creation potential of this Company. As Nazkan Inc. grows in profitability and value over time, the new wealth created will be owned and shared among us locally! Of course, we do not anticipate that one person will own the entire 20% of equity offered. This is an opportunity for you to own early common stock of Nazkan Inc. to potentially realize a future profit when the shares are valued at a higher price than what you invest now.

Our vision for this campaign is; When this company goes public in the near future, Early Investors may also be able to continue holding their purchased shares and potentially receive dividends or capital appreciation if the company’s stock price increases.


* The minimum you can invest is $50.00 TTD for 1 early share of the company.

What happens after you invest?

When you click on the “Invest Now” button below, you will be redirected to our Investor’s Campaign Page, there you will see the Nazkan Inc. Equity Crowdfund available for Investment. 

Once you select the Crowdfund, you will be redirected to our Cart Page. There, you will be able to enter your Identification Information, along with the amount of money you will be Investing i.e. equivalent to the amount of Early Shares you will be purchasing.

Once we are able to verify your Information, you will be contacted by us, and further briefed on the details of your new Shareholder Status.  

Please note that all the information you enter must be accurate! If you have any questions or concerns, you are able to contact us at any time during this process via our “Contact Us” Page. You can also Invest upon Delivery.

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