About us


This Is The Second Renaissance.

We are at the beginning of a New Era in Human History! We are at the beginning of a Radically New Digital World. 

Humanity doesn’t see transitions between eras very often, but when they come, every aspect of society gets reinvented; Government, Business, Finance, Education, Health, Energy, Technology, Art, and Science all get upgraded. With two billion broadband Internet Users, billions of Smart-Technologies entering worldwide circulation, and the rapid development of Artificial Intelligence, the necessary tools are now in place for this Revolution to burst into full bloom; moving beyond the confines of just the Technology Industry, to all aspects of our Society and Economy.

The Second Renaissance Inc. was created with the objective of being at the forefront of this Global Digital Reinvention. Our mission is to forefront this evolution by building the “New Digital Infrastructure” that will fundamentally transform the way we Manage, Power, and Move economic life here in the Caribbean. 

Service to Humanity

Global Sustainability

Long-Term Perspective


My name is Ijah. Thank you for taking the time to read about my company. I am the architect of The Second Renaissance, and it's Vision of Evolving our Local Society and Economy. I built every web platform that is under this company, these include; Nazkan.com, NazkanEats.com, NazkanListings.com, NazPay, Stir Delivery, and as I type this message, I am building this Site. I created all of this for you, because I Love You. I explain further in the linked video; check it out.

a better world is possible.

Come change the world with us!